Catharina DeBeer - Piano

Catharina de Beer offers private piano lessons at her home studio in Cobble Hill for students of all abilities aged 5 and older.

She completed her Teacher’s Licentiate Diploma in Piano at the University of South Africa. She also holds a Bachelor of Education degree with specialization in inclusive education from the University of South Africa. She is a member of the BC Registered Music Teacher's Association. Catharina has been involved in teaching on various levels since 1992, including private piano and organ lessons and group class music lessons in elementary schools. She is also active as an accompanist for choirs and voice studios in the Cowichan Valley.

She enjoys the challenge of finding a match between her teaching style and the learning style of the individual student. She is passionate about the transformative power of teaching and learning to play piano. In her approach to lessons, she endeavours to give students an opportunity to experience the joy of making music in a structured environment. She aims for students to experience piano lessons as being a creative, fulfilling activity where they get a sense of mastery and ownership in their own learning process.

If you are interested in registering for lessons, please contact Catharina at (250)929-3303, or go to her website at